I have been a trainer and speaker for nearly 30 years. But that’s only half the story!

Back in 1992 I represented Australia at the Barcelona Olympics in Water Polo. I was actually the Australian team goalkeeper for 10 years and awarded the Best International Goalkeeper Trophy in 1995. I also spent some time coaching other goalkeepers in the Australian squad.

I’ve also been in the circus! During high school I was a juggler, acrobat and even a clown in the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and yes, it was as much fun as it sounds. I also took up a training role to help develop the other performers – I was 15 at the time.

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Using my life experiences to help audiences think and reflect

After studying journalism, sport science, psychology and a variety of other subjects, I went back to something that had been a running theme throughout my life to that point – the drive to help others through personal and professional development.

Since then I’ve been coaching, speaking, training and facilitating for professionals from hundreds of the world’s largest companies. I love helping people get their message across and seeing the results it brings.

You could say I’ve crammed a lot in to my life so far and I use all the amazing, eventful and challenging experiences I’ve had to deliver compelling keynotes that quite simply – make audiences sit up and take notice.

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